Friday, April 27, 2012


I am sorry to report that Clay Feet Exhibiting Group has disbanded, and so this quiet little blog will be closed down soon.  None of the members were too surprised, our memberships have fallen, the decision was not easy, but mostly, we have found our own niches in the creative world.  There is no point in maintaining a group out of sentimentality when there is insufficient time or commitment put into such a great group.  I went to a CF exhibition about five years ago near the Fremantle Shipwreck Museum and came out saying to myself - I want to be one of THEM!!  It was a great exhibition, I got the impression all the members had their 'game on' and I wanted to be a part of it.  What was originally a group of emerging artists has developed over ten years into a group of people who have found their wings and flown away into their own practices.  Well done ladies!  The image is symbolic, because the CF members have been so generous in sharing their clay wisdom over the years.  Oddly enough, or is it - I have a clay owl in the making in my studio!
This image by photographer unknown from FaceBook Owls page. What a beautiful shot.  Whoever says photography is not an art, is an idiot wrong.  

Ciao, Elaine Bradley