Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have been waiting to hear from my pal Josie Pittman about her forthcoming exhibition, in fact I have been hassling her for the details.  You should come and see .....

Showcase Gallery, Corner Aberdeen and Beaufort Streets, Northbridge, Perth.  
Opening 6.30pm on 12th February and runs till the 26th.  

Josie and I are friends from the ceramists group Clay Feet.  I've been looking foward to this show a lot, I own one of her smaller works and want more.  Josie handbuilds in Southern Ice porcelain expressing her interest in, well how would you put it, life at a biological cellular level resulting in exquisite cool, smooth, satiny, polished, unglazed, porcelain sculptural  pieces .................... well ScrummY stuff.  More pix later .....     Check out her lovely website ....