Thursday, November 19, 2009


Our blog is fairly new, we get few comments here.  I got one today, a snitty one liner deriding some work, sent by that infamous coward 'Anonymous'.  When I comment on people's blogs I reveal my identity and it is often a positive remark, constructive criticism or a technical question - which in turn opens an exchange of info. with the artist involved.   To quote Thumper's mother (in Disney's 'Bambi') I say 'If you can't say something good, don't say nothin' at all' - but that creates an imbalance of opinion, I get that.  I do say though, if you aren't being kind, helpful or useful - shut up.  There!  You've been edited!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We are still setting up at Heathcote - I only had my phone camera on me but these are some of Veronica McGrath's works .... they don't give credit to the surface textures and richness of colours she achieves in her multiple saggar firings but I expect to have much better pics to share soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Today was hectic for me.  It was the morning for delivering our work at Heathcote Museum and Art Gallery for our forthcoming exhibition LUMINANCE.  The title (my idea) was to inspire us and Andrea Vinkovic took it literally and employed Luminous Paint on her Porcelain hanging works ...........fab images will (oh yes they will) follow to illustrate.

Members of CF (Clay Feet) have somehow, all, been struggling with technical hitches - every potter knows about them, every non potter realises how many potential hitches there are.  We've had exploding, cracking, dunting, pots - and glaze glitches .......the whole textbook in fact, but still we carry on.  Have a look at what I snapped today ... these are just some snaps I took of the most recent work by Jillian Archibald.  She is pretty fearless and daring in her throwing and assembling of porcelain, and then, like me, she loves to play with her glazes.  That Lime just s-i-n-gs and I love the way it is a graduated colour. The textural areas of the white and red piece are so delicious when it is in front of you, mmm  mate, who needs food when you can mmm over this stuff? 

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Gill Treichel has energy to burn, I can't imagine how she finds time to make and experiment with clay work as she does, on top of showing teachers how to teach art at ECU. Here are some snaps of her recent firings ..... these are porcelain silhouettes fired with horsehair, raku and sugar firings. Clay Feet artists are nothing if not diverse.


Sheryl Chant of Clay Feet has created a group of raku fired 'women' for the Luminance show at Heathcote this coming Friday. There are 13 figures in varying stages of 'wallowing' - I believe that by the time the final figure had been created, they were all wallowed out - the point of the process.


The members of Clay Feet have had more than their fair share of glitches in our studios of late but on Friday next will be showing recent work at LUMINANCE in the Heathcote Gallery, Applecross The venue is delightful and I happen to know the wine will be wonderful too as our friends at Due Jolly are providing it, just as they sponsored us at our Central Park show last year It will be possible to order wine from Due Jolly for your christmas parties.

Here are some pix of what I have going in, they are currently in the kiln, and the printed work will change from black and white photographic images to sepia coloured. I hope to have some photos of work by the other Clay Feet members to show you soon.