Friday, September 3, 2010

ELAINE BRADLEY in Clay Feet's 'Connected' Exhibition at Mundaring Art Centre

I also have work at Mundaring Art Centre's exhibition 'Connected' - already bleated about on my own blog with the same images.  Some people seem to think blogging is a bit egotistical as was put to me of late, but I had to dispute it.  It is a way of sharing information in a non-pushy way.  Nobody 'makes' you click here, it is optional, and thank you for your interest, you are very welcome here.  An amused elderly gentleman in the post office eying my the mucky porcelain marks on my clothes lately asked me if I was a painter, so I explained that I am a potter.  'OH is that what a potter looks like' he twinkled at me - the old flirt, but was very interested in what I do.  I detest aggressive marketing but we must make ourselves known to the public, hence here we are.  
Most of my work is in porcelain, which I was always told was difficult and temperamental - basically to stay away from it, and yes all that is true but I love the fineness and whiteness of it and am hooked.  One of my most used forms is what I call a hanging box, a sealed in hollow box with a hole in the back to hang on a wall like a porcelain canvas.  This is slab build, with bevelled edges and must dry out very slowly before bisque firing. My decorations are more or less collage on clay, and my themes very often, birds, nests, nature. 

I grew up in a Dublin suburb with a bedroom window looking out onto trees and hedgerows, the garden always busy with birds taking their place in my world. I took comfort in their presence and find myself doing the same in my Fremantle life.  It has never surprised me that particularly in Ireland and the UK such motifs are a constant theme in home decorations and housewares. 

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  1. Without the singing and flitting of the birds what would life be, they are so often used in paintings, fabrics, clay. I used to think to myself wonder if they are over done and yet I find I like to use them too, love your work. Blogging is so much more than marketing that's for sure. One of these days I'll find a porcelain I can work with, haven't so far at cone 6, cone 10 windsor porcelain was a dream. I supposed I could see if Laguna would modify it for cone 6, writing here has given me that idea, thanks.


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