Monday, November 9, 2009


Today was hectic for me.  It was the morning for delivering our work at Heathcote Museum and Art Gallery for our forthcoming exhibition LUMINANCE.  The title (my idea) was to inspire us and Andrea Vinkovic took it literally and employed Luminous Paint on her Porcelain hanging works ...........fab images will (oh yes they will) follow to illustrate.

Members of CF (Clay Feet) have somehow, all, been struggling with technical hitches - every potter knows about them, every non potter realises how many potential hitches there are.  We've had exploding, cracking, dunting, pots - and glaze glitches .......the whole textbook in fact, but still we carry on.  Have a look at what I snapped today ... these are just some snaps I took of the most recent work by Jillian Archibald.  She is pretty fearless and daring in her throwing and assembling of porcelain, and then, like me, she loves to play with her glazes.  That Lime just s-i-n-gs and I love the way it is a graduated colour. The textural areas of the white and red piece are so delicious when it is in front of you, mmm  mate, who needs food when you can mmm over this stuff? 

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